2018 Planning Meeting

Earlier this week, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. (SBL) wrapped up our 2018 planning meeting. During this two day event, sales and operations reviewed the year and laid out plans for 2018.

Wes Stone, Senior VP & CMO changed things up the second day with a collaborative group project. Each group was tasked to take an actual suggestion or complaint brought up by an SBL employees this year and discuss the issue, figure out the loss due to this issue, next steps to fix the issue, and the net efficiency gain. Then, each group presented their findings and fielded questions from the other groups. “The exercise was a great way to get people thinking outside the box on ways to help make our employees’ jobs easier,” said Wes.

The question of how can we make our employees’ jobs easier was a theme throughout the planning meeting. “The most important thing is our people and keeping them safe,” said Superior Carriers President, Brian Nowak.

In all, the company finished 2017 strong and is looking forward to the start of 2018.



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