The Wilmington Terminal

When people think of Wilmington, North Carolina, they typically picture the downtown boardwalk, great beaches, or it brings to mind the movie and book “Cape Fear” that took place in Wilmington. However, the city also thrives as a port city, which is a large contributor to the local economy. The Wilmington terminal is an integral part of that industry.

Located at 215 Sampson Street, the terminal is not just your average trucking facility.  With over 40 drivers, a full service garage, and a tank wash open to the public, it is a full-service bulk transportation terminal.  Under the leadership of Jack Sandlin, terminal manager, all departments work hand in hand to provide “Superior Service” to our customers.

The terminal reached this level of success due to the knowledge and longevity of the staff.  It is not uncommon to meet a Superior employee who has been with the company for 10, 20, or even 30 years. The Wilmington terminal is a great example of what loyal employees are. In every department you have long term employees with over 20 years’ experience.  Along with unparalleled knowledge, all are eager to embrace new technology and look for innovative solutions to their customer’s needs.

Over the years, the terminal has come across many challenges, but none larger than having to move the office and garage to another location during renovations that lasted several years. As of March 2017, all staff are under one roof with a beautifully renovated new terminal.  Please stop by and see why the Wilmington terminal is “Superior”!

Wilmington Terminal

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