Superior’s Path – 2016 and Beyond

As we bring our yearlong anniversary celebration of 75 years to a close, we hope you have enjoyed taking a look at the history of our companies. In 2016 and

Superior’s Path – Matlack Acquisition

In 2001, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. (SBL) acquired selected assets and operations of Matlack, Inc. Matlack had filed for bankruptcy protection and was liquidating its assets. We acquired nine former

Superior’s Path – Our Origin in Transloading

In the the past you have read about our transloading services. But what is transloading and how did SBL get involved in it? Transloading is the process of transferring a

Superior’s Path – Mexico Part 2

Expanding on our 25 years of tank truck service to Mexico, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. in 2010 added both rail-to-truck transloading and intermodal capabilities through our exclusive agreement with Logistica

Superior’s Path – Mexico

For over 25 years Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. trailers have been seen south of the border in Mexico. Many of our current managers can remember supervising these deliveries themselves. In

Superior’s Path – The Space Program

August 2015 – In our first installment, we talked about the acquisition of Lemmon Transport Co. in Marion, Virginia. This acquisition not only contributed to the early growth of Superior

Superior’s Path – Growth by Private Fleet Acquisition

July 2015 – Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. has a successful history of growing by acquisition. Up to this point in Superior’s Path, you have heard about our key competitor acquisitions;

Superior’s Path – Expanding Our Breadth of Services

June 2015 – Until the acquisition of Carry Transit in 1999, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. (SBL) had been primarily a hauler of bulk chemical products via its Superior Carriers division.

Superior’s Path Our Largest Acquisition to Date

May 2015 – In May 1997, Superior Carriers acquired Central Transport, a well-run and profitable tank truck company based in High Point, North Carolina.  As our largest acquisition to date,

Superior’s Path – Moving into the Midwest

April 2015 – In the three years following the purchase of Lemmon, Superior continued to grow by acquisition. In 1986, we purchased Strothman Tank Lines in Cincinnati, Ohio. Using mainly


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