Superior Bulk Logistics Announces New 3PL Subsidiary: Supernus Global Solutions

Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. (SBL) is pleased to announce the formation of a newly owned subsidiary, Supernus Global Solutions — a brokerage operation, third party logistics (3PL) company, and full scale global supply chain management firm.

“Our customers have widely varying logistics needs, and our goal is to create value tailored to specific circumstances,” stated Efrain Maldonado, Supernus VP Global Solutions. “Some look to outsource their entire supply chain. Others seek warehousing, bulk storage, and transportation services, including hard-to-source bulk trucking capacity for last minute loads. Still others want to capitalize on intermodal opportunities, or business in Mexico. Backed by Superior Bulk Logistics’ 75 years of experience, Supernus delivers cost-effective solutions at all these levels, focusing on the bulk industry and offering great rail transfer options. ”

With its recently introduced “Delivering the World” marketing campaign, Supernus Global Solutions seeks to break new ground by offering a breadth of international industry expertise and innovation rarely found in the 3PL marketplace. Supernus is a subsidiary of Superior Bulk Logistics, which owns operating companies Superior Carriers and Carry Transit. “The creation of Supernus Global Solutions is a direct outgrowth of requests from customers for single-source solutions to their complex logistics challenges,” stated Superior Carriers President Brian Nowak. “Our focus is on delivering peace of mind. We’re leveraging our longstanding relationships with providers to offer high-value services that reflect global supply chain experience across all transportation modes, from brokerage to intermodal to trucking to rail transfer.”

A leading provider of bulk distribution services for food grade and chemical products, Superior Bulk Logistics is known throughout the industry for its safety, service and people focus, quality partnerships, and innovation. In an era of acute driver shortages, it has one of the lowest driver turnover rates of any carrier in the nation. Services from Supernus will draw on SBL’s two operating companies, Superior Carriers and Carry Transit, as well as a wide range of other international carriers and logistics providers.

Maldonado, a 20-year logistics industry veteran experienced in international start-ups, heads the Supernus leadership team. Over the past six years, the bilingual Maldonado has been a key player in establishing SBL’s trucking, transloading and warehousing operations in Mexico. Other Supernus team members include Jim Hale, a versatile logistics professional who oversees the company’s brokerage operations, and Mike Cremer, its business development leader.

Supernus provides brokerage services for liquid and dry bulk products in all industries. The company has transloading access to 25 rail-to-truck facilities in the U. S., as well as five locations in Mexico. It offers expertise in dry vans and flat beds, as well as temperature-controlled transit and storage.

The company’s third party logistics services integrate bulk distribution operations, warehousing and transportation to meet specific customer requirements. High tech software permits visibility by all parties in the logistics chain. Other 3PL services focus on intermodal opportunities, drayage, ISO management and international distribution.

“As our customers’ transportation departments get smaller, they’re looking to outside sources for total supply chain management that delivers sustained cost savings and optimized operations,” observed Wes Stone, SBL’s Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer. “For shippers seeking comprehensive design, planning, execution and monitoring of this activity, Supernus stands out as an experienced entity that can handle virtually any distribution challenge.”

“While Supernus Global Solutions is a separate subsidiary of SBL with its own offices and management, its way of doing business has deep roots within the SBL company culture — roots nurtured by loyalty, market intelligence and dependability that yield high net value for customers,” he stated.

Situated one mile from SBL corporate headquarters, Supernus Global Solutions is located at 1301 West 22nd Street, Suite 501, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523. Those interested in finding out more about Supernus Global Solutions may contact Efrain Maldonado at, or 630-481-2400.
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