13th Straight SCTA Top Safety Award

For the 13th year in a row, the Greer and N Charleston, South Carolina terminals won the South Carolina Trucking Association’s (SCTA) Top Safety Award.

“The fleets recognized at the SCTA Safety Awards Banquet are among the best and safest on the road. They are leaders, setting the example for how to maintain, hire and operate commercial trucking operations on ever-more crowded and dangerous highways, with regulatory requirements and liabilities. These companies have been successful in preventing or reducing vehicle accidents, breakdowns, and work-related injuries.” (South Carolina Trucking Association, Email, 2017, April 11)

Vaughn Pitts attended the SCTA Safety Awards Banquet and received the award on behalf of both terminals.

Read more about this and other awards we received last quarter in our soon to come out June issue of the Driving Force Newsletter.
top Safety Award
Driver trainer Chris Lowe pictured with the Industrial Safety Trophy.

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